Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update from the West Indies

Here's the latest Update from Patrick on our familyblog:

Update from the West Indies

After traveling from 4 AM to 7 PM on Monday, I finally arrived here on St. Barths. The weather is nice and cool and the ocean breeze is fabulous!

I thought I would list a few things that transpired thus far to keep you updated:

1. The search for a house is slow, but we have one that I have looked at and is very workable. The kitchen is outdoors and you have to go outside to get to each bedroom. I am waiting for the owner to email me back to find out how much he wants for rent. Please be in prayer for this matter as this house would fit our every need......including two golden retrievers that live there! (Do the dogs speak french?)

2. I understand a good bit of french and am able to communicate slowly as I still have to process the words in my head. However, most people here when they speak, use a Creole/ Patois. I cannot understand any when they speak like this. To understand what it is like, just picture someone who just learned some English trying to understand a Redneck. (ie: Whutcha havin' = What you going to order?) There is a French way to say a word or phrase, a Creole way, and a Patois way. Then they mix the three languages when they speak!

3. Yesterday morning I was overwhelmed as I looked from the hillside where I am staying out over the houses and homes below. I was overwhelmed at the fact that God has given to me, this island. The responsibility of reaching a people who have no desire to know him. I said to myself, "I can't do this.....they won't listen to me......" Then last night, God gave me exactly what I needed. As my mom and I visited with one of my aunt's and uncles, they asked about me being a Baptist preacher. (Everyone here has been taught that Baptists believe in some strange false god). They began to ask questions about Christ, how to get salvation, praying to Mary, and about the repetitive prayers that they pray from their Catholic book of prayers. We spent over an hour giving them the Gospel and the truth from the Word of God. They listened with intent, and my aunt began to cry as the truth began to open her eyes. This is totally foreign to them and it will take time, but God showed me that there are some who are willing to listen and there are some who are going to trust in Him. It was a victory not only for them, but also for me.

Thank you Lord......

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  1. It's so exciting that God is ALREADY preparing their hearts!!! How exciting!! Can't wait for you guys to get a place. I am sure you feel a little more at ease.