Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's time to come back

Here is the update Patrick posted on our family blog last night:

I will leave out tomorrow to come back "home" (if you don't have your own place and live in someone else's house, is it really "your" home?) The past week has opened my eyes to many things:

1) This island is a depraved place and very far from the Lord. Sin has permeated every part of their culture and they have really no concept of what is right or wrong. Morals...what are morals?

2)They are a precious people who want to be loved and want to love on you. You are welcomed into their homes and they give you of what they have (mostly alcohol, but don't worry, I didn't indulge!) I can see from the look in their eyes, they want to know the truth, they want something that they can count on but Catholicism and false religion has ruined their wanting to trust in God or His Word. For instance, I met today the part time guitar player for the English speaking Anglican church today. Nice fellow, invited me to sit down with him for a beer! (Don't worry, I didn't indulge!) It may sound funny that I keep saying that "I didn't indulge" but when I say I do not drink alcohol, they look at me funny and I have had several tell me, "The priest drinks alcohol....or indulges!" After I mentioned that I do not drink alcohol, one man said to me,"That's the best thing you can do, never touch it the first time....." He had been drinking already this morning. It was as if he was amazed that alcohol had no power over me.

3) God wants to do some amazing things in people's lives here. I have had a few opportunities to present the plan of salvation and the love of God in its entirety. It is totally foreign to them, but the seed has been planted in several hearts already.

Well, the rest of the story is that we still have no house to live in. I did find one house today that I was really excited about it but after talking to the owner, it is way out of our price range at $4,080 per month. I have talked to so many people, combed the streets, put ads in the paper, made so many phone calls and had so many phone calls made for me. The prices are very expensive and most places are unavailable. But my God is great who shall supply all my needs! I will return to the states and plan out the next month. Please pray for our safety as we travel back tomorrow!

So, am I disappointed? I have to say yes. But, I know the Lord is faithful and His promises to supply my every need according to His riches is still true. We'll be on St. Barths soon, with this whole housing issue a thing of the past, but that's just not for this very moment. We'll be looking and waiting to see what the Lord will do in the next few days and weeks. Pray for Patrick and I to have wisdom of the right timing to move to the mission field God has called us to.

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