Monday, February 7, 2011

Poutine Night

My friend, Estelle, has been visiting with us while Patrick is away. She's been such a blessing to us!

We decided to have a Poutine Party while she was here. Poutine is an absolutely amazing dish that we would eat when we lived in Quebec. Totally bad for you, but amazingly good! It's french fries, with a gravy on top, and special Quebec cheese. Estelle, did the honor of frying the fries. She is french, you know. Who else could better fry fries? :o)
We invited my family over. They all brought over wonderful food to go with the Poutine.
I'm not sure how many plates Joshua had, but he was pretty sick and stuffed feeling afterwards!
Even William and Jonathan loved it, although, Jonathan didn't exactly follow the instructions!
Lots of cousins, makes a great party!

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