Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Busy March Ahead

God is so good! Our schedule is really filling up for the month of March. Patrick sent out letters to every church that we have been to, telling them our situation, and that we are so close to be ready to leave for the field. Praise God, we've had a couple of pastors called us to schedule meetings, one took us on for support, and Patrick has gotten a hold of a couple of new churches that have scheduled us also. Our month is booking up fast and we are so excited! We see God pulling everything together for our soon coming departure. We're praying for 10 churches to take us on for support, and we've seen one already!
Will you pray with me for 9 more?


  1. Praying for more!!! He will provide!

  2. definitely. Just let me know if you are anywhere around us :)