Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~17 Weeks~

Today we are 17 weeks along in our pregnancy. Yay! Last week I was sitting and praying in the rocking chair before we had to leave for school and I felt the baby move for the first time. I think the baby was telling me, "Don't forget to pray for me too!" This little one is going to be just like my other babies, always trying to get my attention! Since then I've felt lots of flutters and movements. This is going to be active baby! Dear Little One,
You are truly a gift from God. I can't wait to hold you, rock you, and sing to you. But, right now I'm just enjoying carrying you before your birthday arrives. We are praying for you everyday. We're praying for you to come healthy (and I'm praying the labor will be easy!) But, most importantly we're praying for you to accept Christ as your Savior as soon as you realize your need of Him. That is the most important decision you will ever make, where you will spend eternity!
I love you,


  1. WOW!!!! The baby's really growing. You look so adorable.
    Pat your tummy and say "Grandma Loves You"

    Love and miss you all

  2. Kami - What a beautiful belly:) So exciting to feel baby move for the first time. I've got a ways to go before that day. God bless!