Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trying to get that "Special" Picture

All week I had prepared my family about our "Family Picture Time" before church on Sunday. I love to have pictures of my family and my kiddos, and I knew Sunday we would be dressed in our christmas clothes. I thought for sure it would be a perfect time! (I have my Mother's problem of having High Expectations! Love you Mom!) Saturday Night I ironed everyone's clothes and had visions of gorgeous pictures that would be good enough to use as wallpaper!

Well, that didn't exactly happen. We got ready on time, a little rushed, but on time. I realized a few minutes before we took pictures that all our church shoes were still at church!!! (We wear our snow boots to church and take them off when we get there and put on our church shoes. If we forget our church shoes there are these blue bags we have to put over our boots to protect the floors...not all that pretty! So we, like everyone else at our church, leave our shoes there.) Okay, no huge deal...do I really want our feet in the pictures anyway? As I started taking pictures I realized Silas was a little on the grumpy side and not all that cooperative. I took bunches of pictures, but didn't seem to get that perfect one that I envisioned. Here's a few: Silas wanted to be next to the bench, leaning on it, behind it....ugh!

Then, I tried to get the perfect picture of my 4....didnt' exactly happen!

Well, even though that "special" picture of my 4 didn't happen, I think I was able to get few good ones. In fact, I think they're pretty great!

Sunday mornings are truly hectic, and we're often not that "picture perfect" family. We're real...we may have an unnoticed butter stains from our biscuits that morning, or a few hairs out of place, or maybe sometimes mix matched shoes (oh, what a horrible memory!) but that's us! Our lives are busy and hectic, but I wouldn't trade the precious lives the Lord has given us for anything. I love you, Gimenez Family! Can't wait until our next Family Picture Time!


  1. I love your Family Photo. Looks perfect to me and "I WANT A COPY". And I love pictures of the baby crawling away. :-) They have so many things to learn and are soooo curious. I just love that. I know how you feel about "high expectations" and thinking in your mind how everything is going to be perfect. Sorry. "Mama said there'd be days like this" :-)
    Love and miss you all,
    Love, MOM

  2. the final pic is great, Kami!! LOVE YA!