Saturday, December 26, 2009

Joyeux Noel

We had such a good Christmas this year! We were able to do most of our family traditions and create some new ones, too! I love making memories with my family. We had close to 2 feet of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. Even though snow didn't fall on Christmas Eve or Day, we still had a White Christmas. Yay!
For mine and Patrick's first Christmas we started the tradition of eating dinner out on Christmas Eve. For the most part we've kept up with that tradition and we love picking a neat place to try. This year we thought it would be better to do a Christmas Eve lunch. The place we were going to try was closed, so we ended up at Tomas Tam. It is a Chinese Buffet. It was very delicious! It's been a while since we've all been to a Chinese Buffet. The food was a little different than American Chinese, but we enjoyed it.

My little man did so well and was so content at lunch. They had noodles that looked brown, but were shaped like macaroni. We cut them up and he fed himself for a while.

On the buffet they had a ton of ice cream flavors. My adventurous family all had Chocolate or Chocolate mint. I, on the other hand was dying to try a bunch of flavors. I had a small scoop of blueberry, caramel cream, rum raisin (in honor of my Mom), two different kinds of maple (it was in french and I couldn't translate the words after "erable") (I hope it was something good :o), banana, and green tea. Have you ever heard of green tea ice cream?? It was different! I still haven't decided if I like it or not!

We went home and had a very relaxed evening at home. The children opened their gifts from my Aunt Robin. She has such excellent tastes and the kids loved all the clothes she bought for them! She bought the girls some gorgeous outfits that look so good on them, older, but good. I'm sure you'll see them in upcoming posts. Then, we all sat together by the Christmas tree while Patrick read about the true meaning of Christmas in Luke Chapter 2. Then, all 4 children went to bed in the same room. (Some on the floor, one in the bed, and one in a crib) This is something we started when we moved into our house in Carthage for Brenna's first Christmas. Maybe it's not such a good idea, they end up talking and waking each other up most of the night!

We told the kids they couldn't wake us up until 6. Exactly at 6 o'clock the children came in to wish us Merry Christmas. We passed out the gifts under the tree and started opening. Silas was more interested in the paper than the gifts. I weaned him fully last week and he has fallen in love with his milk. Halfway through opening gifts he was done. He was ready for breakfast! My little man loves to eat! But, there was no way J, E, and B were going to stop for a breakfast break!

For lunch we had our Turkey Dinner. It was delicious and I love being around the table with my family.

Then, we had our birthday cake for Jesus. I'm so thankful that Jesus came not just to be born, but to die, so that I might live! What a neat thing to think about, Thank you, Lord!


  1. Your Christmas sounded wonderful. Love the pictures. Looks like you were having a Great time. Love the snow picture. Is that downtown Quebec? Love and miss you, Love, MOM, Grandma

  2. Hey Mom,
    That is not downtown Quebec. It is Sainte Foy which is a suburb of Quebec. This is the road we take to our Language class. It also has a shopping center on the right that has a Walmart in it, although it's not the one I go to. There is one closer to my house. I can't wait to show it to you!
    Love you and miss you so much,