Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bacon Burger Dawgs

For Friday nights Family Fun Night we decided to make some Bacon Burger Dawgs. I've never made them before, but they're supposed to be fabulous! (Dad and Keela...don't look too close at those hot dogs!) You take a hot dog, wrap it in ground beef, then put two strips of bacon around the whole thing. Talk about a heart attack on a bun! We had fun all day talking about our dinner that night!

Well....they didn't actually turn out the way we expected. I won't go into all the details, but the beef was incredibly dry, the hot dogs....well they were different. And they were SO HUGE we could hardly fit them in our mouth! We might (I stress might) try them again on a grill in the summer. We'll see. It was fun anyway trying something new.
We finished off the night with a sure win....the movie, It's a Wonderful Life. We watch this every Christmas usually twice. It's fun when you watch a movie over and over how you notice new things. (Mary said she didn't like cocunut when George was dishing out her chocolate ice cream at the ice cream shop, but he gives her coconut anyway) (George notices his Dad looked tired at the dinner table on the night his Dad died) How many of you are going to go watch it now and see what I'm talking about? :o)


  1. My husband hates that movie! LOL I like to watch it, and now I'm really wanting to see it to see the things you've noticed.

    Not too sure I'd like to try those dawgs, though . . . ;)

  2. We have this awesome burger place in town and they issued a buy one, get one free coupon for hamburgers. David took me there Sunday for lunch! I think I will stick with just the burger and skip the dog! :) I love It's a Wonderful Life, but we haven't watched it lately. I think we should remedy that soon!