Monday, December 7, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Last week we received about an inch of snow. It wasn't much and it melted the next day, but the kids were so excited! Have you ever seen anyone build a snowman in inch-deep snow? They said this wasn't actually a snow man, it's a snow-girl. We also bought our Christmas Tree last week. The trees here are very reasonable and smell so good.

We were so happy with how full our tree is. It fits perfect in our front window.

We unpacked our decorations. This is a reindeer that my Grandma gave to us. For some reason Silas is a little afraid of it.

Ever since I was a kid it's been a tradition for me to put the star on the tree. Someday I want to find all the pictures and put them in order....or do I?

This year we added to our collection some green lights (for some reason none of our Christmas lights ended up in our Christmas box this year. :o(

And we decided to go with teal balls. I love green and teal together!

Since last week our ornaments are now mostly at the top. Silas likes to pull all of the low lying ones off. He will definitely keep me busy this Christmas!

Josh decided to decorate his brother along with the tree!
We've had so much fun decorating and shopping! Next week starts the baking! Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. looks fun! I enjoy following your blog. In Michigan, we still haven't gotten a significant snow either.

  2. cute pics of the kids. Silas looks like he is so much fun! Love to all!