Thursday, December 3, 2009

Once in a Lifetime!

Last night while driving to church I saw a sign that I thought (if I interpreted it right) it said the Olympic Torch would be coming by. I asked Madame Clair (my professor) about it and she looked up all the details on the computer. I was so excited and decided we just had to go see the olympic torch! Patrick stayed home and studied while Silas napped, so me and JEB went. I wasn't sure how crowded it would be, so we left about an hour before the torch was to pass. When we arrived in the parking lot no one was there. I thought "Wow! This is strange, where's all the people?" I realized we wouldn't have to try to squeeze into the crowd and hunt down parking, so since we had 30 extra minutes, I took the kids to Tim Horton's to get them some hot chocolate. I went inside and said, "Bonjour! Quatre Chocolat Chaud petit, s'il vous plait. " Yay! I ordered in french!!!
By the time we got back to our spot some people were starting to arrive. While we waited more and more people came. It was soooooo cold! It was about 35 degrees, very windy, and drizzling a little bit of rain. The hot chocolate really hit the spot!!

Some classes started to arrive from nearby schools. The children from the classes were so excited. They were waving Canada flags and brought lots of homemade signs.

This is the olympian we saw running with the torch. His name is Louis Garneau Louis Garneau - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia His son had been waiting for him with a sign for his Dad. When his Dad passed, he motioned for his son to run along with him. It was so sweet.

What a neat experience that the four of us experienced together!


  1. How neat! The weird thing is that the Olympics are held here in our town and we probably won't get anywhere near the torch or any of the games! LOL The people who live here aren't allowed anywhere. Big mess, but exciting that all our friends and family will get to see where we live.