Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deal for the Day

When Patrick and I went grocery shopping on Monday we found some Mussels on sale. Joshua and Brenna love mussels! So, we bought them and Patrick made a Mussel Stir Fry with some Thai noodles. It was actually quite good...even Elisabeth (our non seafood lover) loved it! Josh and Brenna were so excited when they saw what we had bought. They ate and ate and enjoyed every minute.

The two of them can act so goofy together! They are so much alike that they're either loving being together or aggravating each other! Does anyone else have 2 kids like this? Our goal at home is teaching about having a servant's heart. I'm so thankful for all of my children's character qualities. I know it's easy to focus on the negative traits for our children (don't we all have those!) But, I'm praying the Lord will help me to be an encouraging mother. I would like to be the most encouraging, positive person my children know. What a task! But, through the Lord, all things are possible!

At the end of the meal, they both searched and looked to see if anyone had any tiny scraps of Mussels they weren't going to eat. Pretty gross....but there were none left anyway!


  1. YUK!!! I'm with Elisabeth, I don't care for mussels. I try them but :-(
    Looks like they were enjoying them. You are a very encouraging Mother, keep up the good work. Love and miss you, Love, MOM

  2. Thanks but no thanks for the mussels.... enjoy reading your blog and all the things your family does...

  3. I just made cabbage rolls and plan to take some to Mark and Tab and your Mom... IF they turn out..

  4. ewww, but glad they enjoy them :)

    I love the look on Brenna's face in the last picture :)