Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fondue Chinoise

For Christmas this year, the girls went together and bought Patrick a Fondue Pot. Fondue is really big here. They do what is called Fondue Chinoise. You have a broth boiling in the pot, then you take raw meat or veggies and cook them in the fondue pot. We had all been dying to try out Patrick's new gift! So, last night was the night. We prepared several sauces to go with our Fondue: Curry Sauce, Mustard Sauce, Asian Sauce, and a Melting Pot Sauce. Everyone had a different idea of which one was the best.

It was a very relaxed meal. It was fun to have everyone "cook" their own meal and this is something we will definitely be doing again! (Especially since all the fondue meat is on sale this week!)

Then, of course, we had to finish the night off with Chocolate Fondue! Right? It was extremely delicious!