Sunday, August 22, 2010

French Tea Party

For the kiddos french class Thursday, we decided to surprise Madame Estelle and have a tea party. She was so sweet and was happy to "take tea" with us. The girls baked some cookies and we also had some wafer cookies, too. The tea was hot, sweet, and so nice! (I love a cup of hot tea!)
Before she came the children and I prepared "tea time conversation" in french. I let them make cheat sheets to help them remember what to say or ask (you can see Josh's blue paper next to much for hiding it!) It was a french only tea party!
It was a great tea party, and the kiddos had a great french class. I'm so proud of them! Thanks, Estelle!

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  1. I love tea parties! Now that my neighbors are almost done with their gardens, I'll be having a few more tea parties soon. Not only is it great Russian practice, but also a great opportunity to witness.