Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Music to his ears

It's amazing how my Silas tries to copycat anything we are doing. Patrick posted some pictures on our family blog of Silas wearing Patrick's shoes. He's so proud of himself when he gets them on his feet. His newest thing is wearing headphones and listening to music.
I've never been a big fan of headphones in kids ears. I guess for a couple of reasons. It's too tempting for kids to be able to listen to the wrong kinds of music. It's also easy for them to be too isolated and not a part of the family. About a year ago Joshua wanted an MP3 player. He said he wanted to use it to download sermons to listen to while he cleans his room and stuff and to listen to good music, too. Patrick and I really thought this one over for a while. We just weren't sure. Then, we decided to put some confidence in our son and buy him one for Christmas. Once we gave it to him, we talked to him again on the importance of right music and guarding your ears. Just listen to a song once and it's so hard to erase it from your brain!

I'm so glad we bought him one! He's downloaded some fabulous messages and has listened to probably a good 20 of them. He's also downloaded some good music that we had on CD to his MP3 player. I love hearing my boy sing, so anyway I can feed his desire to listen to good music is great!
Brenna and Beth both have their own CD player that they can listen to music on, also. We just have it a rule that it can't be a habit and be done all the time. I like our time as a family and time being together.

Anyway, back to my Silas....he does everything we do! When Josh let him listen to his MP3 player on the way to church a couple of weeks ago, Silas loved it! He also loves the girls CD players. They like to put in Patch the Pirate for him and he just smiles and giggles.

I love it when he tries to sing along, too!

Can't listen to good music without a good cup of milk, right?

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  1. he reminds me so much of wyatt! i'm sure they would be best buddies :)