Monday, August 23, 2010

Willoughby Auto Sales

For anyone that has read my blog for any amount of time, knows that I love my parents. It's pretty tough being a Daddy's girl and a Mommy's girl, too, you know! Well, this is definitely one of those braggy posts, because I am so proud of my Dad!

Used Cardealers don't have the best reputation for honesty. But, everyone that knows my Dad knows that he is so honest and truthful in his business. That's why he has customers come back time and time again. He's owned Willoubhy Auto Sales since before I was born. Recently a local newspaper did an article on my Dad and I wanted to share it here on my blog. Here's the article:

As I am sure many have noticed there is another pre-owned car lot up on San Carlos Blvd. It almost goes unnoticeable to those of us that have seen these lots play musical chairs up and down San Carlos over the years. A while back a few shady characters destroyed the used car sales reputation on the strip from the beach all the way to Kelly road. More than one made national news for all the wrong reasons and were severely punished and deservedly so. Trouble is some of the fall out took most of the other decent lots down with them. Through all of this there has been one lot that has stayed open for 30 YEARS and thrived. That lot is WILLOUGHBY’S. Yale Willoughby was there before the afore mentioned knuckleheads and has seen many others come and go. He has been a mainstay because he has proved to be the opposite of what we have all been warned about when it comes to used car salesmen. The man is flat honest and has withstood the test of time. That’s a rare find in his line of business. Now the other lots may have a lot to offer too but for my money go for the tried and true. Avoid the franchises folks, be they repair shops or car lots! Support your local motor heads!

Beach Bulletin August, 2010

Willoughby Auto Sales also has a new flashy website:

I love you, Dad! I'm so proud of you!

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  1. Hey, I work there too. :-)

    Thanks for making me cry again.
    Love this post. I am so proud of your Dad too. He's a hard worker and a great Father. He's a pretty good Husband too. :-)

    Love you