Friday, August 13, 2010

Our new prayer card! Finally

For those of you that have our old prayer card, you know it's pretty out of date. We're missing two family members! Patrick and I decided it was definitely time for a new one, so here's a sneak peek at our new prayer card. It's at the printers now and should be coming in soon! This is the back:
Patrick and I have been seeking the Lord's will about what step He would have us to take next.
We should be done with language school in the next couple of months, but our support level is not where it should be. Ideally, it's best to leave for the field immediately after language school, while the language is fresh in your mind. But, it looks like the Lord has other plans for now. He knows best! After much prayer and counsel with Pastor Strange, we're going to have to go back on deputation for a little bit. Hopefully just a couple of months, but we're praying the Lord will let us get to the West Indies as soon as possible. I was working with our professor Madame Claire yesterday on translating the song "Bury my heart on the mission field" I started thinking about how it's so amazing how God gives you such a burden for the place He's sending you to. When He called us to the West Indies, He truly "buried our heart" there. That's grace!
So, these next couple of months will be intense language studying (cramming, is more like it!), lots of packing and sorting, and lots of calling and scheduling (by Patrick, not by me). I don't feel like my french is ready, that's for sure. But, after hearing from several other missionary wives (praise God for Godly counsel from ladies who have walked in my shoes!), my french will be a lifetime work in progress!
Please pray for us. Pray for churches to be burdened to partner with us in reaching the West Indies as we are so close to being ready to leave to the field. Pray that our french will stick. And Pray, most of all for the Lord's Will. He truly knows what is best.


  1. When we were wrapping up our deputation, we discovered we were going to be delayed in getting to our field by about 3 months. We fought against it, trying to find ways to get here, but finally surrendered that to the Lord. Immediately He showed us why He wanted us to wait, and we were so glad we had waited on Him rather than doing it our way. You will never regret following your pastor's leadership!

    Your prayer card looks wonderful! You'll have to keep updating - the kids change so much, and before you know it, you'll be subtracting them from your prayer card. We had pictures made this spring without our two oldest - so different!

    We're starting our furlough in March. Will you still be on deputation then? If so, maybe our paths will cross somewhere!

  2. God's timing is definitely best. Praying for you as I know it's hard to wait when your heart is ready to go. I have enjoyed your blog and your children's blogs. How refreshing it is to see a family who loves one another and God. I loved reading the post by one of your daughters about being a virtuous woman and her goals for life. Praying for your family.