Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Favorite Season

Fall has always been my favorite season. I love love love the changing of the colors on the trees. I love the feeling of the coolness in the air. I love back to school time. And I love the anticipation of things to Christmas! yay! The leaves are slowly starting to change color around here. Can you believe it? It's August 18th!! The nights are a little on the chilly side and you can smell the cool freshness in the air.
Fall, for me, is always a time to look ahead and make sure things are in line for the coming season. For us, it's going to be a busy season. We have so much going on this fall!
Here's a glimpse at a few of our goals and plans
~Wrap up language school. Wow! I can't believe it! My classes alone, conversing with Madame Claire are going wonderfully. I have classes with her by myself 2 days a week to help me to speak more french. We have so much fun talking together and cover so many topics, but most of the time we talk about St. Barths. This is making me even more excited to get there!
~Start packing up to move. Most people hate the packing process of moving. Not me. I absolutely love it! I love seeing all the neat things that God has given me. I love taking inventory and purging the things that I don't need. I love the feeling of being organized and seeing a box that's not marked miscellaneous. (Hopefully there won't be too many of those during this move)
~Drive to Florida with U-Haul in tow. We're excited about our drive back to Florida. Do you know our first stop? Pizza Hut! I can't wait!!! I want to order a BBQ stuffed crust pizza. My absolute favorite!!MMMM We also are going to stop at Cumberland Island, Georgia on the way home. We stopped at the nearby Jekyll island 2 years ago around the same time and it was wonderful! The beach was absolutely deserted and we were able to have it to ourselves. Cumberland Island is supposed to be the same, but it has Wild Horses roaming the island! My kiddos are so excited!! (especially my Elisabeth!)
~Try to have a few meetings. We're trying to raise our support so we can be on the field as soon as possible!
~Enjoy some time with our family. We can't wait to get home to see our family and spend some time with them. My Dad has a new granddaughter he needs to meet!
So that's just a few of our Autumn plans....I love this season!!

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  1. fall sounds sooooo nice right now!!! the heat index is pretty much 106 everyday! i feel like it may never cool down!!! i love your plans for fall and am excited for all you are doing! i don't know how you do it and stay so upbeat with all those little ones! goodluck and keep the updates coming!