Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Fun Night

We enjoyed another fun filled Family Fun Night! I'm so glad my kiddos look forward to our Friday nights and plan along with us. After a quick dinner clean-up, we divided into teams (girls against boys, of course!) and played a game of Cadoo. We were disappointed to find our molding clay was dried up :o( but we enjoyed the other cards. I love this game! Unfortunately, the boys won. Next time, us girls will beat 'em!

Patrick and Beth made some chocolate chip cookies. We decided to go super easy for our dessert and bought the slice and bake kind. Beth was thrilled! She's the type of girl that could eat the whole thing, raw! She loves cookie dough. They were excellent cookies!

At the beginning of the week, Josh asked us if he could prepare a Bible Study for us using his New Testament Survey Pace from school. He loves this class! And he was so excited to share with us what he's learned.

He diligently prepared and typed up papers for us. After the game we all had a folder with our name and a nice sharpened pencil. It was filled with papers for us to take notes on that he had typed up. He did such a good job teaching us! We covered the first section and I learned so much! He talked about the "silent years". That is the 400 year time period between the Old Testament and New Testament. He talked about the world powers during that time. It was so interesting! Then he talked about the different sects and people in the New Testament.

His class was so good and I can't wait until next week's class!

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