Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Visit From the Dillehays

I was so excited when my sister called a couple of months ago and said they would like to come for a visit. yay!! My sister, Tabitha, is number 2 in the line-up of Willoughby girls. (I'm number 3) Growing up we usually shared a bedroom. I think I played the part of the younger sister very well and bugged my sister quite often. I know I drove her crazy sometimes! I was a constant follower of my big sis and wanted to do everything she did. She played saxophone for did I. She played did I. I loved being with her and doing what she did. We were very close growing up. I was her maid of honor, then a year later, she was mine (except she was a matron of honor) Now that we're grown up I still want to be like my sister. She is the type of person that is good at whatever she is doing. She's a wonderful teacher and an amazing photographer. She's so knowledgable about so many things. You name the subject and she's a wonderful person to talk to! And one of the things I love most about her is that she is so much fun. I love to be with her! I'm so thankful that we're still close and love to be together. Now, our children are the same way and love to spend time together. (Just a warning...lots of vacations pics to follow!) For the 4 days they were here we filled our schedule up to the max! We went to the Roller Coaster mall and rode lots of fun rides.

Our house is pretty small, but we made it work! Ty and Katie sat at Silas's table for meals,

And we made the girls their own "dining room". I think they loved it!

Emily and Callie Grace

We also went to Downtown Quebec for a visit. It was perfect weather for the whole four days, right at 70 degrees!

We toured the city, had Quebec McDonalds and Poutine, shared some Gelato and tried to stay away from a crazy man that was following us. Mark finally took a picture of him and then he went away. Some excitement for our day!

I think we wore Ty out! Actually, I think we were all so tired by Monday night.

We enjoyed lots of outdoor games of Soccer, Football, Kickball and human bowling. Even in the dark, the kids were constantly playing something.

On Saturday, Patrick and Mark watched all the kids (minus Callie) while Tab and I went to lunch. We chose 1640. It's a Bistro in front of Chateau Frontenac. The quiche was wonderful and we loved going together. We talked and talked!

It was so busy when we went to lunch together in downtown Quebec. The streets were packed and parking was, let me just say...interesting :o)

We spent a lot of times outside and enjoyed Smores one night.

Then, we took them to explore our river and the place my kids have called "The Valley"

As Tab put it, we were on an adventure! We crossed the river and hiked on the trail on the other side.

The water was cold, and the rocks were slippery, but we made it safely across!

Then, Beth put on a baking show and all the kids made brownies together.

Katie in the church nursery atL'Eglise Baptiste de la Veille Capitale.

Tab introduced the nursery workers to Silly Bands. I have never heard of them!

I know it's blurry, but Silas was so funny with Tabitha. He would become really stiff, but then he warmed up to her quickly. He really loved Katie. He kept coming to me saying "Mom, Mom" (that's his new thing) and pointing at Katie and smiling. He loved his big cousin.

Then, we went to one of the waterfalls here and enjoyed the park.

Tab, Josh, Beth, Emily, Brenna, and Sarah climbed down these steps (we parked at the top)

We had so much fun while they were here. We heard so many giggles from the four cousins. I'm glad they got to spend some time together, it's like they were never apart. Thanks for coming Tabitha, Mark, Emily, Sarah, Ty, and Katie!


  1. Looks like you all had a fantastic time together. Love all the pictures. I will e-mail you the ones I want. I know you love company. Especially happy that you and Tabitha could spend some alone time together. Sister bonds....I love it.

  2. Hey Kami
    Great pictures. I should have got your pics when you got mine. You have several that I want copies of.

    When you head south bring a good supply of mint aero bars. Hey, make that your gift exchange for Christmas. I will be stealing that for sure! :)

    Love you and thanks for your hospitality. Everything was wonderful! (Except the fact that was on all the losing teams the last night of our stay.)