Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sew in love with this Gift Set

My friend Estelle asked me if I could make a dishtowel gift set for a friend of hers that is getting married. My mind started whirling with ideas of what to do! I decided to make two coordinating dishtowels. One is monogrammed with an 'E' Then I made two "hotpads" (I don't really know what you call those!) Then I found an easy tutorial of a table runner. Here's the site:V and Co.: guest tutorial blogger: amy of diary of a quilter
It was so easy and whipped up really quick!

When I put it on my table for a quick picture, I had a hard time taking it back off! :o) I can see a few table runners in my table's future!
Now, on to my next project!


  1. You did a wonderful job! The pieces ooordinate perfectly, and I love the colors!

  2. awesome gifts. i went into a local quilting shop Saturday. They may start up a beginner class soon that I am considering :)