Friday, August 20, 2010

Memories in the rain

I love making new memories with my family. But, have you ever noticed that memories aren't usually a planned event (although sometimes when we're too busy, we say that it's time to slow down and make some memories!), but memories usually happen accidently. Like for us, the other night....we decided to take a walk together after dinner. We like to do this a lot. Josh, Beth, and Brenna ride their bikes, while Patrick and I each push a stroller. Well, we were enjoying our nice walk...the air smelled of fall, the kids were riding and laughing, Callie was smiling at her Daddy, and Silas was barking trying to call all the dogs. Then, it started pouring rain! I mean it was really coming down! We closed the top on Calllie's stroller and decided to take the quick way home. Once we were getting close, we turned down a street and saw the road was closed for construction. Can you believe it? We turned around and started back the other way. By this time we were drenched! Silas went between wimpering, smiling, and looking at Patrick and I like we were crazy. Patrick and I were laughing that everyone must really think we are crazy to take our babies out in the rain for a stroll! We finally made it home and dried off. Patrick joked that I had wanted to do a little more powerwalking instead of strolling, and I got my wish!

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  1. Sounds like sooo much fun. Wish I could've gone with you. I love walking in the rain (as long at it's not lightening). Hope Callie didn't get to wet. Poor Silas probably didn't know what to think. I bet J.E.B. had fun getting soaked. GOOD memeories. Love and miss you all,