Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Christmas Party at Riverwood

It's amazing how God works.  A few months ago we were gassing up the church van in Fort White.  A lady at the pump next to us stopped us and asked if we had a nursing home ministry.  My husband responded that we don't yet, but would love to in the near future.  She was the activity director for the nursing home in Fort White and said that if we would come and have a service for the residents, that would be a blessing.  What an open door!!!

We go into the Riverwood Assisted Living/Nursing Home 2 times a month.  We have a good crowd from our church that attends and a great group of residents.

I told them a couple of months back that I wanted to have a Christmas Party for them.  I began asking our ladies to crochet or quilt blankets for the residents.  I wanted everyone to have a gift that day.  We also began working on special music.

My husband put Bro. Munson in charge of this ministry.  He does an amazing job!  I'm so thankful for the Godly men God has put in our church.  We really all serve the Lord together and it's a blessing!

I'm so proud of my kiddos that worked hard on their instruments.  They had never played them publicly, so this was a first for them.  Callie and Micah played, "Hark the Herald Angels Sing."

And Silas played "Go tell it on the mountain" on his trumpet.  They did a great job!!

The residents loved their blankets!!

We also had bags made up for the 12 employees.  We gave them homemade goodies and a giftcard to our local coffee shop.
 I had our ladies make sugar cookies for us all to feast on during the party.  We have some talented people in our church, aren't these cookies gorgeous?  And they were super yummy, too!!

I've loved watching my children grow and mature and use their talents for Jesus.  My Beth really shines in  this ministry.  She went door to door to all the bed ridden patients and made sure they each had a blanket, too. For those that have met my Beth you know that she can be my quieter child.  (Although I don't think 24 is technically considered a child age, but you get it. :o) )  but if you give her a microphone, she loses all shyness and sings for the Lord.  She can really sing out!  I'm finding that at the nursing home it's the same way, her shyness leaves and she ministers to the residents there.  I'm so proud of her!
It was a wonderful day and I know the residents were blessed, as I know we really were too!!

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  1. What an absolute blessing for all including your readers!! My favorite photo is of Micah playing his guitar. He looks like an old pro!