Saturday, December 24, 2022

World Equestrian Center Lights

Last year Brenna and AJ told us we needed to go to the World Equestrian Center in Ocala to see their lights display.  I'm so glad we made it there!! It was gorgeous!!

Wow this was a ritsy place!  We felt a little out of our element as we walked through the hotel and saw their restaurant.  It was beautiful!

It was a little chilly and their were so many beautiful lights! 

Micah said he wanted to take this picture for his Grandpa.

Beth had went to see the lights the week prior with Brenna and AJ.  At that time there was a huge horse show in this arena.  She said it was so cool!  I think I'll need to take my horse loving girl back again soon!

My kiddos are definitely growing up.  But, I still love to see the wonder of Christmas sparkle in their eyes.

I'm so glad Gramm and Marc could go with us!

Brenn and AJ had been talking about the amazing hot chocolate.  It's actually called Wondrous Hot Chocolate.  Patrick said that me and him needed to split one.  As I was waiting in line Micah showed up beside me.  He said, "Dad said I can get one too with my money!"  As we got to the front I asked how much for one.  It was $12!  Yikes!  For one??  I asked Micah if he still wanted one, and he did.  So, I ordered 2.  When we got outside Silas asked, "Did you get mine?"  Micah said, "Oops, I forgot to tell you Silas is buying one with his money, too."  I gladly handed over mine along with the 12 dollar price tag!  The boys said it was really good.  But not really $12 good!  It killed Silas, my somewhat cheepskate, to spend this much on hot cocoa!

They had an amazing toy store in the hotel that we had so much fun exploring.

And I found our future tree.  Eventually we need to do all things Lollipops!

 I'm enjoying this precious season with my sweetheart and the fun we are having together!

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