Thursday, December 15, 2022

Ugly Sweater Party

Every year I love to host our ladies Christmas Party.  It gets bigger and bigger and squeeze in more and more.  I love it that our church is growing!! But, I'm not so sure that we can host again and fit everyone comfortable, which makes me sad.  Unless we come up with some outdoor options.  Who knows what next year will hold!?  But, this year was a wonderful success!  For several years the ladies have been asking if we could do an Ugly Sweater Party.  So this year we decided to go for it!

There were so many sweaters that were so adorable.  But it was that cute kind of ugly.  I love all the creativity!!

Twins and they didn't even plan it!

There was so much joy and laughter as ladies came in and showed their creations!

And of course there were tons of snacky foods!

Since we have a few new ladies I decided to play the game, "Find the sister who...."  And then I had a list like:

 Find the sister who is left handed.

Find the sister who doesn't like Turkey

Find the sister who drank a holiday inspired drink today.

It was so fun as ladies looked for a lady to match the blank.  And my goal was reached as we got to know one another better!

Asa decided to come for the ladies party.  What a cutie!!

We played a fun wrapping game, too.  We paired ladies up in groups of two.  They had to wrap a gift but the trick was that they could only use one hand.  It was fun watching them work together.

 We had a wonderful devotion on Keeping Christ in Christmas and then we crowned (or gave ribbons) to the winners.  They were titled Ugly, Uglier and Ugliest.

I love this fun loving group of ladies.  They are so great!!

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  1. I love the baby as the snowman sweater. Looks like fun.