Friday, December 23, 2022

VSIBC's Christmas Store

We do something at VSIBC that is really neat.  Starting in November all the kids ages 4-18 start earning Victory Bucks.  They can earn the bucks by coming to church, bringing their Bibles and visitors and saying memory verses.  It's so exciting to see kids come in with verses they have memorized!
We have people at church bring in lots and lots of goodies for the kids to buy with the "bucks" that they have earned.  We have things for babies through adults.

On the day of the store, the kids go shopping to buy gifts for their family.  I have ladies that have volunteered to wrap all ready to go.

It's a black friday kind of crazy.  But, I love it! And so do they!!

As one of the teenage boys came in to say his verses to me, I asked him if he had his eye on anything in particular to buy.  He told me that not too long ago it was his Momma's birthday.  He said that since he doesn't have a job he had no way of buying something for her.  He saw a necklace and earring set that he wanted to buy for her.  I saw him after church and he was able to buy it!  He was so excited!!

I'm thankful for a church that brings in lots and lots of toys and gifts to put in the store.

I'm thankful for all the wrapping paper and tape and tissue and bags.  They bring in a bunch!  I'm thankful for the ladies that stay after church to help wrap.

I'm thankful for all the kids that diligently work to earn their bucks.   And I love how they buy for their families.

I'm thankful for all the workers that make this happen! AJ and Brenna run our bus route and pick up children for church.  I love the bus ministry!!

And I'm thankful for Joshua and Tabitha that lead up all the children's ministries.  So much prep work goes into a big day like this, and Joshua has it all under control.

There really is nothing like a church family that serves the Lord together in various ways!


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