Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Lighting our town's tree

We were so excited to meet up with friends and go to High Spring's Tree Lighting!  I was so happy I could bring along Liberty and Freedom.  Their smiling faces and laughter are contagious!

There were lots of things being given out.  We loved the EggNog ice cream!

These boys are always always moving.  They brought a football and threw it the whole time.  Except for when I snapped this picture.  I snapped about 4 of them and one of them would be blurry.  But, I love that all 5 of them are full of energy.  Boys should be, right?

We waited and waited for the time to light the tree.

We decided to get some cookies while we were waiting.  They were huge!!

 And then the countdown started and the tree was lit.  Isn't it beautiful!/

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