Saturday, December 24, 2022

Happy 5th birthday sweet Liberty!

Our Liberty Anne, the little one that first made us Lollipops, turned 5!

This was one excited birthday girl!  She couldn't wait for her birthday and wanted to make sure that we were coming for some cake on her birthday.  And she sweetly reminded us to "bring presents."  I just love her so much!  5 is a great age!

She opened lots of great gifts from her family.  

My Callie did something that made me sniffle a little.  Callie has been collecting beanie boos for a while.  They are the cute TY stuffed animals that have sparkly eyes.  Liberty likes to play with them when she comes over.  For Liberty's birthday Callie decided to give her some.  I'm proud of her.  But, that makes me sad, too.  Callie didn't have any baby dolls or stuffed animals on her list this year for Christmas. sniff sniff.
Tabitha made a yummy and cute birthday cake.  It was so fun celebrating this girl!


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