Thursday, December 22, 2022

There's only a few days left until Christmas and I'm not nearly done posting all of our holiday fun!  Expect a few posts coming with many pictures so I can get all caught up. :o)

I love our VSIBC Christmas party!  Since our group has gotten quite large, we decided to rent the Civic Center for the evening.  I'm so glad we did!!

We had lots and lots of food.   Sweets, savory, snacky, sugary....we had it all!

The kiddos played and played.

The adults did our gift exchange.  We had 64 people participating in the exchange, so it took quite a while!  We stole and stole, and tried to get the gifts we wanted.

We were all pretty merciless!  It was fun. ;o) 

And then on Sunday morning, several people brought their gifts they stole for and gave it to someone who had originally had it.  Thoughtful,that's for sure!

The fellowship among us is amazing.  I sure do love VSIBC!

We all laughed so hard! What a great night!!


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