Saturday, December 17, 2022

Lolli, can we have a teaparty and a cookie picnic?

I love it when my grandbabies come over.  I love how excited they are when they walk in the door and talk of all the fun things they want to do.  This past time they came they asked for two things.

The first was a tea party.  The only hiccup in their plan was that I had planned to feed them corndoggs and tater tots.  Is that really tea party worthy?  Sure!  We added a few more pretty tea partyish foods to our table like peppers, olives and cranberries. 

We tried to make it festive with Christmas decorations.  I love all the reds and greens.

And Christmas flowers from my honey makes everything beautiful!

They love to pick out the cups that they want to use.

Even Victory enjoyed our tea party! She was happy to be using a real tea cup!

For now this little guy enjoyed trying to grab everything on Lolli's plate.  One day he'll be nibbling on all the goodies, too.

The second thing they asked for was a cookie picnic while watching a Christmas movie.  We chose Polar Express.  We had so much fun with these precious treasures!


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