Thursday, December 17, 2020

A Different Black Friday?

I knew this Black Friday would be different.  Many stores are doing online sales now and most deals can be found online as well as in stores.  Beth, Tabitha and I decided that we still wanted to get up early and go shop together. 
We were up before the sun, got some Christmas flavored coffee, and made a  route of where we would stop.  We went to a bunch of places!  Then, we talked Brenna into meeting up with us for lunch.  (Black Friday shopping isn't really her thing.)  I do have to say, the stores were still pretty busy and lines were long.   It was fun to start the Christmas season with my girls this way!

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  1. When I was still in university I used to love going to the city, a long way from university dorms, and looking all over the place for little gifts. I'd start in October and carry on through December spreading out the costs. These days I wouldn't enjoy that but I still start early and buy a little in store and on line until I'm done. I'm glad you could make a day of it and visit and lunch together.