Friday, December 4, 2020

Beef, a first for us.

We're really starting to run a real meat operation around here!  Several months back someone gave us a cow. We already had Ferdinand that we were raising, so it was quite easy to add "Charlet" to the paddock.  She was quite skiddish, but eventually began to like us.  Boy did she eat a bunch!  She even got out once which made for a really interesting afternoon.  We got in our exercise that day!!

We knew that we wanted to eventually have her butchered for meat.

The day finally came.  It took some smarts to figure out how to get her in the trailer, but my husband and Josh figured it out.  They are becoming regular farmers!  Sort of.

So she made it to the butchers and pretty soon we should be adding beef to our freezer that's already quite full of venison and pork.  

We're enjoying our little family farm and reaping the benefits of our labors.  Good lessons for the kiddos, that's for sure!


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