Monday, December 21, 2020

A Quick Trip Down South

It was the day before Thanksgiving when my older sister called.  In a very rushed, very worried voice she told me, "Mom just called.  Dad fell and they are taking him to the hospital by ambulance." 

 That kind of news just sort of numbs you and you wander around in a fog.  My sweet husband prayed with me and worried with me a little. Knowing my Dad was in pain at that very moment broke my heart. 

 We went through Thanksgiving prep and Thanksgiving Day with my phone by my side or in my hand at all times.  I wanted to hear any news about my Dad.  He ended up breaking his hip and on Thanksgiving Day they did surgery.  After being in the hospital, they sent him to rehab.  I'm so thankful that the hospital let my Mom come in and stay with my Dad as much as possible!  But, at the rehab they gave her 30 minutes a day.  And they would tell her when she could come.  This broke my Dad and my Mom's heart.  It was hard for me being so far away.  I told Patrick that even though I wouldn't even be able to see my Dad, I wanted to be near him.  And I needed to see my Mom.  He agreed, and we made plans for me to drive down south with Brenna for a couple of days. 

We did what we could to help and encourage.  My Mom is a wonderful Christmas decorator and puts Christmas cheer in every inch of the house. It was bothering her that she hadn't been able to do that.  So, we helped her as much as possible.  Even though we were sad about my Dad, we enjoyed the time with my amazing. Mom.  She really is incredible!

So glad I could see some of my sisters and their family too.  I think Brenna is now the short cousin!
Brenna also climbed up in the attic (sort of) to get down the boxes for Mom.  Poor thing though, she's a little afraid of heights....just like her mother!

I helped Mom pick out her tree.  It was one of those that looked so pretty in the tent, but when we got home it was much shorter than we thought with a few spots.  It has character and turned out very pretty!
Brenna and I were able to run to the beach one night while Mom was visiting Dad. I snapped some beautiful pictures of her at sunset for someone special.  They turned out great!

Even thought we were there to be a blessing to her, Mom spoiled us and took us out to eat and shopping.  We watched Christmas movies and listened to Christmas music.  She took us on a very bumpy golfcart ride in the rain, with hot cocoa to see Christmas lights.  It really was such a good trip.  And what makes it even better is that my Dad is now home from rehab and doing fabulous!! I am sooo thankful! 



  1. You are a good daughter to a good mother. I'm so glad you and Brenna were able to make the trip and that your dear dad is doing much better.

  2. I'm so glad that your dad is doing better and that you had a good trip.