Friday, December 18, 2020

High Springs Tree

I love our small town and the place we get to live!  I love how every year they have a tree lighting ceremony.  It's not exactly on the scale of a Hallmark movie, but it has that vibe where local people come together, eat some cookies and count down to light the tree in the middle of town.  I love it!T
We wondered if this year they would still light the tree.  They did!  And, Wow, was it busy!  I'm thinking that everyone is just so ready for the holidays and the merriment that comes with it.  We counted down and they lit the tree.  What fun!
Sadly, due to covid concerns, a couple of days after the lighting, they decided to cancel my favorite city event of the year, our Christmas Parade.  As my sister said, "This year will be different.  We won't be able to do all of our normal traditions.  But, we will do new ones.  And who knows?  Those just might become our favorites!"  (You're so smart Tay!) So, that is my hope as I look to replace the parade.  In fact, I already have a plan in mind!

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  1. I think we do a tree lighting ceremony here too but I never go to the city just for that. It's nice you live in a smaller town and can enjoy it.