Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Being Careful and Cautious

I think we all know we need to be in church.  The command God gives is not only to hear preaching, but also to assemble together.  Last year we never thought there would be a reason worthy enough to have to close our church doors.  That has happened twice in 2020.  The first was back in March during "quarantine" when our state shut down. We then went to drive in and then opened back up in May.  Oh how we missed our church family!

Then, we felt it was necessary to shut down again at the beginning of November when some of our people experienced Covid firsthand.

Now that that time has passed we are back open, but with extra precautions and safety measures.  We still have masks and gloves available for everyone, but now we have added something extra. 

Now between services we completely disinfect our church with a fogger machine. It is very, very powerful.  My husband used it the first time.  Then, realized we needed gear to protect us from the fogger!  We bought masks and outer covering jackets to be worn.  We are thankful to have 2 guys that have taken this on as their ministry and stay after each service. 

 I'm also thankful for my preacher hubby that wants to do what is neccessary to keep the church doors open while still being careful.  Lots of challenges in this year, but God is working and it's exciting to see His hand in the midst!

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  1. I agree it is good if you can keep the church doors open. I'm glad you have a method and process for disinfecting between services. Sadly we have not been able to go to church where I live for quite some time now. Just yesterday the government announced we will have 4k vaccinations by end of next week as the start of vaccinations. It won't be until next year when more vaccinations can be rolled out and I'm sure the churches will then be allowed to open.