Tuesday, December 22, 2020

VSIBC Christmas Party

I love our church Christmas Party!  It is a time where we come together and laugh so much!  We eat a ton, play some games and then have our gift exchange.  It's a time where memories are made and this night was no different. I had fun incorporating the Old Fashioned Christmas Theme into our party.  I had a gift for each person at the table.  There was a cookie cutter with a recipe for Buttermilk Sugar Cookies for some seats.
 For other spots we had Pine Cone Fire Starters.  They smelled so good!
And at other seats we had Stovetop Potpourri bags filled with cinnamon sticks, cranberries and dried oranges.
We usually set up a hot cocoa bar.  Although this year I accidentally bought fruity candy canes that we crushed to put in the hot chocolate.  Strange flavor!
 I guess burgundy was the color to wear this year!
We always have so much fun at the gift exchange.  We laugh and laugh.  Oh how I love my church family!

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