Saturday, December 26, 2020

A few more Christmasy things to do!

As I have been trying to get caught up on all my Christmas posts I have realized something.  Even though it has been a crazy year, we have still been able to do a lot of wonderful things this Holiday Season!  I'm so thankful for the time we've spent together as a family!
One night we decided to load up the church bus and go to a neighboring town to look at the lights.  It was cooold for these Floridians, that's for sure!  I brought some hot cocoa along the way and we had plenty of blankets.
We sang songs and oohed and ahhed at all the beautiful lights!
The next morning Brenna decided to rearrange the gifts.  Again. Lately she does this daily.  My girl has done this every year for as long as I can remember.  As Christmas draws closer she gets out every present, sweeps under the tree, puts every present in different piles so we can shake and guess what we are getting, and then puts them neatly under the tree.  I just love it!  And this year I was treasuring even more these little things and the ones that do them.  It was such a pretty tree!
I also made some Christmas crunch which was perfect for playing some fun board games. 
And then before we knew it, it was Christmas Adam and time to head out for just a couple of last minute gifts.  So much excitement!

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