Friday, December 24, 2021

Almost time!

In the last few days before Christmas we try and fit in as much Holiday Cheer as possible.  It has been so fun, but it's almost time for Christmas!
We enjoyed a quick stop to Brenna's for pie and fudge.  Her camper looks so cute and festive!

We had so many (too many!) goodies left to bake!!

We've enjoyed the little break from school.  This year we are actually on schedule, so it makes the break even more sweet!

It's always a blessing to have friends stop by for tea!

Brenna is enjoying married life.  They had a picture at this same spot last year (minus the kissing of course!)

We made one final run to the store and got some Peppermint Chip Shakes while we were at it.  Yay!!

This year I had my family open up "Christmas Adam" jammies.  They loved it!  I think it's the early and first gifts that are the most appreciated.

And we've enjoyed another round of turkey.  Oh yes!

So, it's almost Christmas!  We're having a great time!


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