Wednesday, December 15, 2021

VSIBC all decorated for Christmas!

I love decorating the auditorium of VSIBC for Christmas.  I always plan the year before of how I want to do it and start looking for ideas and sales. (I already know how I'm decorating for 2022!!)

It's always Josh's job to put up the lights.  It might not be the funnest job, but it really makes the most impact in how beautiful the auditorium looks!!

Last year we did an old fashioned Christmas with orange slices and cranberries.  This year I wanted to do glitz and glamour and do all silver and gold!   I love how it turned out!  And with all the lights, our candlelight service is going to be so beautiful!

Last year, after Christmas, Beth and I found the silver and gold flowers clearanced out 90% off.  We got some deals!  

 So thankful for a beautiful church to decorate to celebrate Jesus' birth!

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