Thursday, December 16, 2021

Lollipops at Christmas

I love seeing Christmas through the eyes of children.  The lights glitter, everything tastes sweeter, and there's the excitement of presents to open.  Being a Lolli is really one of the best gifts ever!

It was so neat to see Victory come in to church on a chilly morning wearing this cute sweater.  It's the same sweater I wore when I was about her size.  It has been passed from one generation to the next.  How special!

This year I decided to do a little something different.  It's time to start building our collection of all things candy and lollipops, don't you think?  So I thought it would be neat to have a seperate, smaller tree that would be a lollipop tree.  Underneath would be all the gifts for our grandbabies.  I had fun creating ornaments that would go with the theme.  I had been wanting a white tree, so Black Friday was the perfect time!

These girls are so excited about Miss-Mas (Christmas)!!



  1. The photos of you and Victory are sweet! The sweater must be very well made and cared for. As for the other photos - adorable. Can't wait to see the grandson!

  2. I enjoyed your posts. Your grandbabies are so adorable! When is their brother due? I am sure everyone can't wait!