Friday, December 31, 2021

Christmas 2021

Our Christmas was absolutely wonderful and full of great memories.  Did things go exactly as planned?  Of course not. :o)  But, we enjoyed our time together!  Christmas Adam (the day before Christmas Eve) I made sure everything was wrapped and ready.  Our tree was overflowing!! For now (and this may have to change soon) my kids all buy for each other, including in laws and nieces.  The budget for my younger ones may be small (so thankful for Dollar Tree!) but their gifts are well thought out and given with so much love.  How blessed we are!

With having 2 of my kiddos that are married, we decided to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve morning.  It worked so well last year with Joshua and Tabitha!  But, early Christmas Eve Tabitha got sick.  We don't know if it was from pregnancy, or something else, but the poor girl was pretty miserable.  So, plans changed somewhat.  We still had AJ and Brenna over and had a big brunch.  

Brenna contacted my high school friend that is now an author.  She sent me a signed copy of her book.  So excited to have a great book to read! We filled up on brunch, then tried out some of the new things from AJ and Brenna.  We enjoyed some dart competition on the porch and just spent some good time together.  I loved it!

That afternoon Tabitha started to feel better.  Praise the Lord!!!  Even though she was still weak, they came over and we exchanged gifts. 

They are doing such a good job training these girls for God's glory.  They are very polite.  After each gift they would go to the person and give them a big hug and a thank you.  So sweet.

Freedom is turning into quite the jewelry girl.  She loves her new necklace from Aunt Beffy.

And all of a sudden Victory Belle is standing on her own!!

Lollipops from Lollipops!

As usual, we had a very meaningful Christmas Eve.  We gave our stocking gifts to Jesus and talked about what we gave Him last year.  We read from Luke 2 and talked about what our decorations in our home really mean.  Then, all my kiddos piled together to sleep in the living room.  This year, there was a little more room as I now only have 4 kiddos at home.  A little bittersweet, that's for sure!

Christmas Day we opened more gifts!  And had a wonderful leftover lunch of turkey.  We played and played and played!  My kiddos are now to the age where they are great competition and hard to beat!

 Then, it was off to Grammy's for Christmas Dinner.  It was so delicious!!  
We then ended the day with a birthday cake for Jesus.  As we sang to Him, I was reminded of how many blessings He bestows on us, not just on Christmas, but each and every day.
It sure was a wonderful Christmas season!

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  1. I've never heard it called "Christmas Adam" but that's my new favorite lol! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!