Thursday, December 9, 2021

Quick Trip North

I'm sure you know what it's like, once you get older, time with your siblings, all together, doesn't happen very often.  And time with your siblings, Mom, Mam-maw and Aunt all at the same time is just about impossible.  My sister Tabitha sent us all a message and said that we should try to make it happen.  We needed a trip all together.  Getting schedules and flights to all work out was pretty hard!  But, we managed to all have a time in Michigan together all at the same time, even it was only for about 20 hours!  I was thankful for some great "girl time!"  And then, when my sisters had to fly back, I was able to stay another few days to be with my Mom, Aunt Robin and Mam-maw.  So thankful!

After my flight arrived in the morning, we had some breakfast, then hopped in the van to drive further north to Frankenmuth.  So much fun while all travelling together!!

Me and my beautiful sisters!

Us 4 with Mom
Us 4 with Aunt Robin, AKA, Momma Michigan.  She has spoiled us ever since we were babies.  We love her so much!!

I'm so thankful for not only a great time with my sisters, but also other family that I was able to see and spend some time with.  My Uncle Ron is so fun to be with and really cares about the person he is talking to.  Do you know what I mean?  He's the person that looks you in the eye, asks how your family is doing, and really wants to know the answer.  I love seeing him and my Mom together as they talk about their childhood and the adventures they had.  They sound like they were pretty cool kids!

My cousin Natasha and her adorable little girl, Olyvia.  She is so cute and so smart!

Us 4 with Aunt Nema and my cousin Terri and her husband Al.

While on a walk with Mom out back, we found some goats that belong to the neighbors.  Pretty neat!

My cousin Shaun and his wife Mary.

I sure do love my Mam-maw.  It's amazing how once you go to your Grandparents house, you become a kid again, no matter how old you are!

My Uncle Gary and Aunt Joann.


One day I'll be able to beat Mam-maw in Muggins.  This definitely wasn't that day!

Such a wonderful trip to Michigan!  So glad I was able to go!

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