Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Black Friday

Any other Black Friday shoppers out there?  My girls and I are definitely IN!! As I mentioned to a friend the other day, it's not that we get super amazing deals that we can't find a week later (although we did find some great deals!!) it's the fact that we are together.  We get a bunch of shopping accomplished, we have holiday coffees and hot cocoa, we plan and plot our path.  We just have so much fun!!! Beth and Tabitha are perfect to shop with!! Brenna usually meets us for lunch.  She's just not into Black Friday like we are. ;o)  But this year my poor girl was sooo sick!  Praise the Lord that as I type, she's feeling much better!

This year I found a great deal on yarn at Ollies.  Tabitha and I bought quite a bit!

 And lunch at the mall is tradition.  So much fun we had!!

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