Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Fall in a Nutshell (or in 3 posts or so. :o)

Fall went by so quick!  I feel like my blog became wedding central for a while, and now Christmas season is upon us and I missed posting on Fall!  So, this is my attempt to catch up and post some wonderful memories to my little online diary that I don't want to forget.

Fall for us means bringing out flannel as (hopefully) temps turn a little cooler in North Central Florida!

My boys bring out their sweaters and coats and start to play outside more and more. I love it when the temps cool off!!

Our menu seems to change in the fall, too.  I love everything pumpkin or maple or apple.  I tried out a pinterest recipe and lo and behold it worked!  It was so easy.  You put apple slices through popsicle sticks and dip them in melted chocolate.  Then, you swirl on top melted butterscotch chips. and sprinkle pecans on top. That easy!  And so yummy!  They were a hit!

Us girls start wearing our boots more and more. Callie's feet are officially bigger than mine now!

 And we truly have "Floridian" Animals.  Peaches and Olive stare at us whenever it drops below 70.  Are they wanting inside?  Or just wanting a bite of Maple-Pumpkin Pancakes?  

I love Fall!  It's really my favorite season.

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  1. Fall is definitely my favourite season but it is far too short! Your photos really demonstrate how much you really love Fall.