Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Our Merry Christmas Tree!

I love when we go pick out our Christmas Tree together.  I think I could spend hours at the tree lot.  It smells so wonderful and it's just a joyful place.  

We searched and searched, and finally settled on our tree for this year!

This year was quite interesting to decorate.  We had lots of light issues.  The ones from last year didn't work, so we ordered some knew ones.  Those didn't work either!  So decorating our tree this year was a two day process.

I think Patrick's face says, "Stressed about lights!!!" :o)

I was excited to add this pretty plaid ribbon to our tree this year! And Callie had fun adding some neat filters to the pics on my phone to make the lights shine pretty. :o)

And hot cocoa when you decorate is a must!!

We even bought some new icicle lights for outside and added some pretty trees to our porch.  So lovely!!

And as usual in this family, it's my job to put on the star!

 Our tree turned out beautiful and we are enjoying it so much already!

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